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Dr. Lacey Dupré

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Owner and Founder.

Dr. Dupre specializes in Digestion, Chronic Pain, and Emotional Stagnation.

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Lynsie Jones

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Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist.

Lynsie has over 10 years of experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in customized stress-reduction massage therapy, educated and trained at Mueller College of Holistic Studies. Her passion is facilitating the healing of others and educating her clients on the power they possess, in both body and mind, to heal themselves from the stressors of everyday life, trauma and the demands of a society in over drive.

Kelly Samuels

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Joy Rising Yoga and Wellness.

RYT 200

  • Ingraham Method Reflexologist

  • Tibetan Usui Reiki Ryoho Master

  • Soul of Yoga 100 Hour Sound Healer


We are all looking for ways to look and feel our best and modern science is now corroborating the benefits of tending to a healthy flow of energy as a means to total wellness. My mission is to inspire others to live their dreams by assisting them to move through pain and fear to manifest true joy and wonder at the very miracle of being alive. I share what I have studied and intuit with a focus on healing the whole person, body, mind and soul. My aim is to empower others with tools for managing stress and improving their response to it. My hope is that the healing I provide affects not only the client, but the world they live in, raising the frequency of our shared existence to create a sense of peace, contentment and joy rising.


Join me at Jade Seed Wellness and discover how the restorative practices I employ can help you to live an extraordinary life.

It’s never too late to begin healing through self care. Don’t postpone joy!


Jade Seed Wellness is a collective of holistic wellness entrepreneurs.
We have joined together to offer you unique healing solutions.
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TJ Morton

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TJ Morton, L.Ac, has a BA from Brown University and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. TJ started his interest in the exchange of energy as a healing force in Seattle,WA. While pursuing a career in acting, he became a certified yoga teacher at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, WA under Kathleen Hunt and Douglas Ridings. During that time, he became interested in the how the vital force flows through the body, and how that relates to more modern discoveries in anatomy and science. As an actor in theater doing 8 shows a week, he became fascinated with the human body and under what circumstances it reaches peak performance. After a back injury, a visit to an acupuncturist helped him avoid surgery. That experience led him to pursue a 4 year Masters Degree to become an acupuncturist. TJ brings with him energy, creativity, and a desire to connect deeply with each patient, making each treatment an expression of the individual in front of him.

Shani Cooper

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Dr. Shani Cooper, LAc, DACM is a Naval Veteran, Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and began studying the human body in 2010, pursuing an education in bodywork at International Professional School of Bodywork. While studying she was exposed to Traditional East Asian Medical theory and a light bulb went off. Her passion for the medicine led her to attain a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) where she did extensive clinical work, both in a traditional clinical setting, as well as work within the San Diego community treating veterans and the underserved community. Her passion leads her to continue her education, studying with highly experienced medical professionals, both Eastern and Western,  who are focused changing the way the medical profession treats chronic issues that have not been well understood within the conventional Western Medical paradigm alone.

With the opening of Root & Soul, she is excited to have the opportunity to create her Traditional East Asian Medical Practice, focused on treating each patient as a whole being and bringing her experience and expertise to the community.


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Carolyn is joining us soon!