Let's Talk. 

WHO: all who identify as woman or female

WHEN: Once monthly: NEXT CAFE

WHERE: Jade Seed Wellness

9131 Fletcher Parkway  Suite 108

La Mesa, CA 91942


Inspired by “Death Cafe’s”, this is an opportunity for conversations to discuss rage, anger and suppression with others in a safe environment.

The objective is to increase awareness of anger with a view of allowing people to express, communicate and share their anger in order to help transform it into useful energy or reframe it for further emotional release.

Rage Cafe is a discussion group rather than a support group or counseling session.

For ages 18+.

Free, and donations are accepted to cover the cost of ‘Cloud 9 Tea’ being served. ‘Cloud 9 Tea’ is an herbal formula served as tea aimed at releasing pent up rage and emotional stagnation.


Free parking lot.